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What is PAMM trading?

PAMM (Percentage Allocation Management Module) trading is an investment structure that allows you to pool your funds and have them managed by fund managers. The profits and losses are distributed among the investors based on their share in the PAMM account. 

How does PAMM trading work?

In PAMM trading, a trader manages a consolidated trading account containing funds from multiple investors. The trader makes trading decisions on behalf of the entire pool, and profits or losses are distributed proportionally to each investor’s contribution.

What are the benefits of participating in PAMM trading? 

PAMM trading offers benefits such as diversification across multiple trading strategies, potential for passive income, and the ability to start with relatively small investment amounts.

How are profits and losses distributed in Taurex’s PAMM Trading program?

Profits and losses in Taurex’s PAMM Trading program are distributed based on the percentage of each investor’s contribution to the overall PAMM account. The distribution is typically calculated at the end of a predefined trading period.

How are PAMM managers selected in Taurex’s PAMM Trading program?

Taurex’s PAMM Trading program typically employs a careful selection process for PAMM managers, considering factors such as their trading track record, risk management approach, and overall performance. The goal is to offer investors a choice of skilled and reliable fund managers.

What level of risk is involved in Taurex’s PAMM Trading service?

Like all investments, PAMM trading carries inherent risks. The level of risk depends on the trading strategies employed by the PAMM manager and the volatility of the financial markets. Taurex’s PAMM Trading service offers a range of PAMM strategies with varying risk profiles, allowing investors to choose one that aligns with their risk tolerance.

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